The Challenge

You want to get out there and enjoy the world. Group activities are a perfect way to connect with people who share your enthusiasm, whether it’s dancing, drinking, skiing, cruising, hiking, biking or getting together for any other fun-filled event.

The only problem is, your friends are either too busy or not interested in the activities you want to try.

You’ve thought about organizing events and trips with strangers – but where do you find kindred spirits who share your passions? Also, how do you avoid no-shows, last minute drop-outs and the hassle of collecting payments?

Group Set Go Makes Group Activities Seamless

Meet cool new people who want to enjoy the activities you’re excited about - from dancing to yachting to hiking.

The app takes care of the big challenges involved in organizing group activities : finding people to go with and collecting, safe guarding everyone’s share.

All that’s left for you to do is get out there, make new friends and create memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

How It Works

Doing Fun Stuff Just Got Easier

What Group-Set-Go Getters Are Saying

Saving money while sharing expenses can make even the farthest-flung adventures affordable!

What are you waiting for ?  Create your experience and find your group now!

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